Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – print

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a child’s copybook and reader, perfect for your Lutheran homeschool child to practice print

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Now your child can read rich text and copy the same text all in one convenient and affordable book!

The Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader combines reading of passages with handwriting practices, which will help your student build:

  • reading fluency
  • fine motor skills
  • vocabulary
  • and more!

The copybook & reader will make the perfect addition to your Lutheran homeschool. Use it as a primary reader and copybook, or allow your child to make use of it independently.

The print version features a Zane Bloser font and is ideal for children K-2, or who need additional practice with printed letters.

Volume 1 of the Lutheran Children’s Reader & Copybook series includes:

  • Psalm 23
  • The Ten Commandments (with Lutheran numbering)
  • God is the Maker of the World – a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Download and print as many times as you need. Collect all the volumes in both print and cursive to make a complete set to be used time and time again!


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